About Us

Blackpearl by Sara Lončarić was established in the heart of Zagreb in 2016 by Croatian fashion designer Sara Lončarić. Since its launch, the brand has expanded to include a range of ready-to-wear collections. The brand is known for its high-quality, sophisticated fashion which interprets classical cuts in a modern way. The brand uses the very best in luxury materials including the finest wool, leather and faux fur along with pastel colours to produce garments. Blackpearl strives to use elements of sculpture and structure to create a range of simplified shapes that compliment the female body, giving it a sophisticated and comfortable look.


Blackpearl reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on fine fabrics and the perfect fit with subtle details that create a unique aesthetic. “We look to the future by constantly changing and evolving. Our mission is to produce in an ethical and sustainable way that considers both the people and the planet.”, says designer Sara Lončarić. She also asserts that it’s very important to support fashion manufacturing in Croatia. Our mission is to keep traditional skills alive through savoir-faire workshops which rapidly fade out in this modern day life. With high-end techniques and obsessive attention to detail, each artisan uses their skills to create beautiful clothing.

We believe excellence is the key to our success.