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Welcome to Blackpearl

53, Vlaška street
Welcome to Blackpearl


The house was built by architect Hugo Ehrlich.
During 20’s Ehrlich’s studio became one of the largest studios in Zagreb, gathering the most talented generation of architects. At the same period Ehrlich took over construction work on two important buildings for neighborhood; Slavic Mortgage Bank (Slavenska hipotekarna banka), which he worked from 1921 to 1923.  And the year later he continued with Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska Narodna banka).

Slavic Mortgage Bank with its size and classic elegance, designer convinced that she could only set up her label within those walls and decided it would be ideal to have Blackpearl atelier inside for the clientele that she was targeting.




Located at number 53 in the Vlaška street

Some places can tie you to them forever…Everything started when she was growing up in modern neighborhood surrounded by classical monumental buildings. As a young girl, designer used to watch people who pass from one to another street in aim to catch their tram or taxi. The spaciousness of crossroad Vlaška and Draškovićeva street gave her opportunity to see different styles, how people act in daily routine, and watch the way they live from the top of the building. Since then she knew she would always be specially connected to Ehrlich’s house.
This Neo-classicism style house has marvelous Ionic columns inspired by period of ancient Athene which are part of the building. And this is what the designer loved so much about this place. She knew that this temple would be home to her ready-to-wear brand.



Today, atelier hosts the clientele with high standards, who appreciate the finest making. Blackpearl has never been the home to fast fashion. It’s not going to be the place you go to for something that’s on-trend for a season and then gets binned. The most important part is understanding a client’s wardrobe persona. Each fitting starts with a series of questions about existing items in a wardrobe, what a client loves to wear, colours they see themselves in.

We love it when a client relies on our pattern and reverts to it every few months ordering new fabrics, knowing it fits them better than anything else has.


Much like our strict making process, we are also very selective about the fabrics we use. When you experience the process of what it takes to make a beautiful super light blouse, it justifies these cloths, and makes it very hard to go back to wearing 100% polyester blouse. Everything we make is hand-finished right here, in Zagreb. Impeccable quality is what we pride ourselves on.