When It Feels Easy-Breezy


Blackpearl ‘Coppola Blouse’, ‘Free Flow Pants’

This time we talk about peasant blouses which we love so much, in this post find out why

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Blackpearl ‘Coppola Blouse’ €176.00, to purchase online for delivery, please enquire

Peasant-style blouses are lightweight, flattering piece which suits up to almost all shapes and sizes.

 It’s extremely easy to combine them with everything from skirts, pants, leather jackets, boots, sandals and hats all perfect for laid-back afternoons spent in the sand or getting away in city with girls for a drink of Spritz.


Want to embrace the boho vibe? We have got a few suggestions to start:

• Try to combine white shirt with an earth-toned pieces

• Add a boho touch to any simple look with some interesting accessorize like silver, gold bracelets or a hat

• Keep it ladylike and modern by wearing your favorite white style tucked in high-rise black pleated trousers styled with a bag and pointed black pumps


Blackpearl ‘Coppola Blouse’ €176.00

To purchase online for delivery, please enquire


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Special thanks to Nada Kobali
Photographs by Duška Stepanov