SAVE Croatian Music Institute I Eloise Blouse


blackpearl ‘Eloise Blouse’ €190.00, to purchase online for delivery, please enquire

Because we love blouses. But we don’t love the compromises. Something that’s made responsibly and feels amazing. Something that’s beautifully designed with eye-catching details. Something you look forward to wearing each and every day.

So we decided to design a sumptuous blouse that will reflect a splendid beauty of the Croatian Music Institute (Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod). Which will have a mission to save this 191-years-old concert hall in Zagreb.


nova obrada glazbeni institut-2b

The house where music lives

CMI was founded in 1827 under title of ‘Societas filharmonica zagrabiensis’, later known as ‘Musikverein’. So that Zagreb joined other cities in the Habsburg Monarchy where citizens gathered in music societies.

In 1876, after 49 years the HGZ building with the first concert hall in Zagreb was completed. It was designed by Franjo Klein and Janko Grahor.


        blackpearl ‘Eloise Blouse’ €190.00, to purchase online for delivery, please enquire


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‘Eloise Blouse’ paired with capri slim-fitted trousers

The Croatian Music Institute is a society of friends of music and amateur musicians, a non-professional and non-profit association in the field of culture and art, which aims to care, promote and expand classical music, especially Croatian.

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In the years leading up to its 200th birthday, the Croatian Music Institute faced financial problems in maintaining its historic building.

By purchasing this blouse, you donate 5% for saving the Croatian Music Institute. It funds improving the outcomes and sustain raising new audiences, programs will be dedicated to children and their upbringing to listen to classical music, and part of the program will be devoted to the cultural needs of Zagreb and Croatia.



‘Eloise Blouse’ paired with faux leather shorts

This blouse is made from pure cotton.
It’s paneled with delicate lace and trimmed with layers of flouncy ruffles to enhance the puffed shoulders.
It has a romantic silhouette. The peplum hem flares seamlessly over the matching shorts.


blackpearl ‘Eloise Blouse’, €190.00

nova obrada glazbeni institut-9b

Match the white shirt with an oversized gold-tone bracelet.


Pull your hair into a neat chignon to keep the shoulder puffs and gathered petit collar in focus.


                    blackpearl ‘Eloise Blouse’ €190.00

To create a striking look, pair the ruffled shirt with capri long trousers and tie an oversized black bow around your neck.

To purchase online for delivery, please enquire


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Special thanks to Hrvatski Glazbeni Zavod for hospitality
Photographs by Duška Stepanov Crnković