Feller’s house – part I

Few weeks ago we visited one of most fascinating villas in heart of Zagreb. We talked to Jura Gašparac, expert for antiques who works closely with museums and collectors in Croatia. For Zagreb he has contributed so much with priceless exceptional collections.

We don’t need to describe you our emotions, we were so thrilled when Jura Gašparac waited for us with arms wide open. He unlocked doors of Villa Feller just for us!
Our fashion designer Sara Lončarić explored amazing villa and shared some photos.



Sara is wearing blackpearl ‘Charlotte’ blouse and pants from S/S collection 2018



Eugen Victor Feller one of the most successful pharmacist and undertaker at the passing over from 19th into 20th century. He was inventor of well-known specialty EIsa-fluid. This medicine was believed to cure all diseases, women even claimed that Elsa – fluid rejuvenates!
To big success Elsa-fluid was sold in 27 million bottles and sent to Austria, Germany, and the rest European countries, and also won Japanese, Chinese, American and Egyptian market



As Elsa was sold around the world, Eugen Viktor Feller expressed its success not only by pharmacist’s production but also by architectural creation thus contributing to the development of Croatian architecture. He built a four-storey building on the corner of Jelačič Square and Jurišićeva Street, at that time the tallest building in Zagreb. There was a large bottle of Elsa-Fluid becoming the first adverts of this type in the wider region.


Right: building on the corner of Jelačič Square and Jurišićeva Street. See bottle between two floors

After few years his family lived at top of Feller’s factory. Which was one of the most representative and most beautiful buildings, he decided to build a new home for his family. This time on Jurjevska Street he builds a villa in Jugend style. For the architect, he hired step-brother Mathias Feller from Munich and he got an unlimited budget.  Today the house is protected by Cultural monuments of Croatia, which is one of the most significant and largest secession villas in this part of Europe.


Sara Lončarić in front of Feller’s house in rose garden




It was a villa of exceptional standards, actually the whole complex that had 28 rooms, a salon, heating, the first garage in Zagreb, and the giant gardens.


rose garden

I believe Croatia is full of beautiful objects from which only dust should be wiped out to put it in its beauty, and they will talk about our identity.” Jura Gašparac

… The Feller’s story continues …

Special thanks to Jura Gašparac
Photographs by Duška Stepanov Crnković