Blackpearl For MASLINA Resort Hotel


Sara Lončarić a founder and fashion designer of blackpearl at Maslina Resort

Our fashion designer and founder Sara Lončarić designed uniforms for a dramatic new island resort ‘Maslina’ in Croatia

Sara Lončarić was invited by French investors; daughter and father Maud and Daniel Truchi, to design and create a mindful luxury, an ecological modern uniforms for employees of a new sustainable-focused luxury resort hotel “Maslina” on Hvar island which is a part of Relais & Châteaux property, in UNESCO-protected town Stari Grad.



source Maslina resort


source Maslina resort


source Maslina resort

The main question from investors was how should look the Croatian uniform which yet has a Mediterranean spirit.

Our fashion designer Sara Lončarić brainstormed a lot about this request. Croatia still doesn’t have own style contrary to some other countries which has a strong identity. For an example, such as India, Japan, United Kingdom or Italy.

After drawing a numerous number of sketches, Sara presented her vision with a moodboard.


One of Sara’s sketches from the moodboard

She was thinking about a blouses that embodies a sense of fluidity and freedom of movement.

Ones that are authentic with their appearance.

Blouses that are tucked into pants at the front, and falls freely at the back.

Relaxed elegance. Modern. Timeless.

Pants that are delicate in design, effortless in making and youthful in spirit.


blackpearl moodboard

‘I wanted that women’s blouses have a piece of woven tradition on semi-length bell sleeves. Including these softly striped strips specially woven on old looms by the small Croatian family-owned workshop. As a result, we made an intertwining of tradition and modern.’ – Sara Lončarić

blackpearl by Sara Loncaric

hand-woven striped strips made on traditional looms


detail on a blouse and an apron


Uniform designed for Admin women


source Maslina resort

Sara’s inspiration for designing uniforms was Hvar’s heritage; stone walls, hillsides covered in pine forests, a rich history of Greek field-architecture in olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards.

Stari Grad which was populated by ancient Greeks, making it one of the oldest towns in Europe.

The turquoise sea, a ray of a sunlight, wild rocks, a nature rich in natural scents, carefree mind, the warmth of natural light, dinners with closest ones under a deep blue sky coated with the golden stars, laugh, a perfect harmony between a man and the nature.


Uniform designed for Gardeners

It was important for me that uniforms have a dash of ancient Hvar, a free spirited lifestyle that reflects in the attitude of inhabitants, close relationships between people and community in same mission to preserve their heritage which is known for 2,400 years. Referencing the mysticism that imbues the ancient landscapes and traditions of Hvar, Croatia.” – Sara Lončarić


Uniform designed for Spa department

When the investors finally approved the designs, Sara involved her small team to start making patterns and prototypes.

Uniforms are designed without pyramidal power among employees. Every employee is of equal importance, so each of them has to look beautifully dressed.


One of Sara’s sketches from the moodboard

For shirts and blouses with Croatian island-type collar we used 100% organic and Oeko-Tex certified linen in blanc cassé color.

As a finishing touch, we treated the shirts with a light stonewash for a beautiful matte finish and a soft and crisp feel on skin. Carefully balanced mix of feminine and masculine finds its perfect parts in monochrome white shirts, olive and terracotta trousers which in turn offer the ideal palette and structure of nature, harmonizing Mediterranean simplicity and French style.” said Sara



behind the scene picture, during production


One of Sara’s sketches from the moodboard


Maslina’s ship, source Maslina resort


Uniform designed for skippers


source Maslina resort

Aligned with Maslina’s Mindful Luxury philosophy, blackpearl uniforms are unique for their minimalism and calm style, which are yet functional, comfortable to wear, serene, sophisticated and modern.

Clothes are made entirely from eco-conscious and organic GOTS certified fabrics.

‘The two greatest successes for me were; the moment when the hotel opened and the first guests were delighted with the uniforms, they said they have not seen anything like it in the world. An even bigger surprise and confirmation was that they wanted to buy them.

And the second, that each uniform is designed and manufactured in Zagreb, Croatia.’ – concluded our fashion designer Sara

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In this post many of the uniforms are not shown, soon some more photos