Interview with Sara

We asked our fashion designer Sara – a Croatian born, who currently works on new Spring/Summer 2018 collection which will be showcased in October at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Budapest. We asked her to show us how she’s wearing Blackpearl pieces around her neighborhood.


What sparked your interest in art and fashion?

Growing up, my house felt like the Victor&Albert’s museum. I’ve always been surrounded by antiques; paintings, deep blue English porcelain cups, white hand- embroidered tablecloth, silverware, thick Persian carpets, purple velvet pillows, collection of architectural books and Vogues and many more. As a child, my interest in art was growing day in and day out, so I was very curious how all these art pieces were made. At the same time, I was fascinated how is it possible that a mankind can make such beautiful things with their own hands!

The biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?

„Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.“


Sara wears Blackpearl wide plissé pants

Your favorite trend in 2017?

Wide pants.

If you were a superhero, your secret power would be…

Making people smile, eliminating envy, and put child’s playful, carefree heart in every human.

I love to wear airy clothes whether is it hot or not. I believe that clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re lady, just like M. Monroe said”


Describe what are you wearing

For me dressing is about maximizing comfort and minimizing effort—while still looking stylish.
I was excited to see new ways of wearing Blackpearl wide plissé pants. I wanted to show it in casual spirit with a dash of couture. It works perfectly together with pink velvet top, and magical piece like this antique belt that everyone forever asks where it’s from, and purse Furla. And icing on the cake the loafers polished everything off.



how was it invented

When it first became fashionable for women to ride bicycles, it was unfashionable (even improper) for them to wear pants. This led to the development of the culotte (then known as the divided skirt), which provided the women with maximum mobility. And the fashion item was born as a style for both casual and dressy garments”

Special thanks to Et cetera – lifestyle store
Photographs by Duška Stepanov