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    When comfort, elegance and sustainability come together!

    Not only the last few years changed our lives in a big way, but it also dramatically changed the way we dress. As we continue to spend more time in our homes, the loungewear is likely to have a long life. 2022 will be the year they found ways to wear it outside their homes, […]

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    SAVE Croatian Music Institute I Eloise Blouse

    Because we love blouses. But we don’t love the compromises. Something that’s made responsibly and feels amazing. Something that’s beautifully designed with eye-catching details. Something you look forward to wearing each and every day. So we decided to design a sumptuous blouse that will reflect a splendid beauty of the Croatian Music Institute (Hrvatski Glazbeni […]

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    Learn How Good Quality Looks And Feels

    Silk blouses are a wardrobe staple and every woman should have at least one piece in her wardrobe. But not all blouses are created equally and shopping for them can prove to be a bit of a task.

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    Feller’s house – part II

    We talked with Jura Gašparac about Feller’s success with Elsa-fluid. Elsa, bottles were sent worldwide 300 – 400 per day from Donja Stubica post office, whose ingredients don’t know even today. As business grew, Mr. Eugen built the great villa for his family. In this blog post meet his family.

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    Feller’s house – part I

    Few weeks ago we visited one of most fascinating villas in heart of Zagreb. We talked to Jura Gašparac, expert for antiques who works closely with museums and collectors in Croatia. For Zagreb he has contributed so much with priceless exceptional collections.

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    Personal Styling: Day to Night Outfit

    We love embracing the many sides of a garment — especially when that piece can take us from day to night without too much thought. Brunch to library? Conference call to cocktails? We’re on board with that. To help us travel through 24 hours in style, Sara, our fashion designer, show us how to look […]

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    Interview with Sara

    We asked our fashion designer Sara – a Croatian born, who currently works on new Spring/Summer 2018 collection which will be showcased in October at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Budapest. We asked her to show us how she’s wearing Blackpearl pieces around her neighborhood.